InfoPlace Document Organizer - v 2.0 - Release Notes


  1. Categories can include sub-categories and Documents. This is a major change in this release. In earlier versions, it was not allowed to mix Categories and Documents in a Category.
  2. A user can "Lock" a Document. This prevents other users from making any changes via "Edit Properties". Either the Administrator or the User who Locked it, can unlock a Document
  3. An Access log keeps a record of successful logins, unsuccessful attempts and logouts. This can be viewed by an Administrator using Admin Commands.
  4. Errors are logged to a separate Error log. This can also be viewed by an Administrator using Admin Commands.
  5. The ability to provide Direct Login to specific Infobases is included in this version. It used to be an upgrade patch for version 1.3. A specific URL directs users to a login page which does not list all the Infobases.
  6. Files with spaces in their names can now be uploaded.
  7. While uploading a file, a User can specify that the existing file be overwritten. The current default behavior is that a new file will be saved with a new name created by appending "_n" to the file name. The Overwrite flag can be set/unset by the User for each upload. The default setting is controlled by a config variable that can be set by the Administrator.
  8. The Glossary is now an optional feature that can be activated per Infobase.
  9. You can control whether the password for the "admin" Super Administrator should be changed in all Infobases or only in the current Infobase.
  10. The UI for Add Document and Edit Properties forms was improved..
  11. The Administrator is allowed to "Clear" the current Infobase wihtout first logging out.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Administrators were able to edit the user id
  2. Infobase admin was allowed to reset Super Admin password
  3. Export did not close a file handle
  4. StartSession did not close a file handle
  5. UploadMaxFileSize was not correctly inherited from system.conf file
  6. An extra slash "/" was included in DefaultDBPath
  7. Uploaded files were not correctly saved if "/tmp" was on a different file system
  8. Default columns were not changed in the Preferences display after they were changed in the config file
  9. After Direct login, some conditions resulted in a login page with all Infobases being shown.