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InfoPlace Document Organizer

Quick access to up-to-date information is the lifeblood of workgroups. But as more people publish on the intranet, the diversity of filing styles makes it increasingly difficult to locate all documents relevant to a particular project. Information overload costs money in terms of lost productivity, lost sales opportunities, and risks associated with out-of-date information.

Document Organizer from InfoPlace Inc. offers flexible document organization and find options, simplifying information retrieval on intranets. Its easy-to-use, browser-based interface is so simple that workgroups need no assistance from technical personnel.

Create a knowledge repository
InfoPlace Document Organizer transforms an abundance of information from a liability to an asset. Using browser software, publishers place documents on an intranet server, assign them to categories (folders), and assign properties such as version and keywords. InfoPlace Document Organizer accepts all kinds of documents: HTML pages, spreadsheets, word processor files, presentations, text files, image files, and applications. In fact, any valid URL will work.

Facilitate communication and collaboration
With InfoPlace Document Organizer, project teams can share information across departments and publish their documents on any server. Workgroup members can quickly find documents by name, date, or other properties — without concern for the document's physical location. The result: workgroup members can more easily collaborate and leverage each others' work.

Enjoy freedom from filing system constraints
Create a hierarchy of categories to organize documents in any way that makes sense to the user community-by project, product, or functional groups. The categories need not reflect the file system hierarchy or file server locations. Documents can appear in more than one category.

Locate documents in intuitive ways
InfoPlace Document Organizer accommodates various thinking and filing styles by enabling users to search in multiple ways. Users gain the confidence that they can find any document that exists "somewhere on the intranet." The benefit is a more efficient workforce.

Administer easily, without specialized training
Administering InfoPlace Document Organizer requires no technical training. Installation is simple and fast. Users can take advantage of InfoPlace Document Organizer immediately after installation.

Control access to sensitive documents
For document control, the administrator selectively assigns users the ability to add, modify, and delete categories and documents. In workgroups with sensitive documents, the administrator can create multiple document collections, restricting view or access privileges to authorized users.

Flexible search options
Index View all document and category names in alphabetical order.
Table of Contents Navigate down the hierarchy of categories and subcategories to view links to documents. For example, a user seeking the latest service rates might drill down the following categories:
Products —> Consumer Services —> Rates
Find Search for documents by author, date, keywords, or other properties.
What's New View a list of categories and files added since a specified date.

Features summary

  • Easy-to-use, browser-based interface
  • Find by author, title, modification date, keywords, and other properties
  • Search across multiple physical servers
  • Compatibility with all document types
  • Industry standards such as HTML, MIME, and HTTP
  • Cross-platform client support: Windows, UNIX and Macintosh
  • Password-based access control

Sample applications

Sales and marketing
Used in sales and marketing organizations, InfoPlace Document Organizer doubles as a Field Information System, providing up-to-date reference information to people who work in different locations. Sales and marketing personnel can quickly locate data sheets, sales presentations, product positioning papers, pricing charts, reference account details, competitive comparisons, upcoming events, and even online training. With ready access to information, the workgroup can maintain continuity of service to customers despite turnover.

Project management
With InfoPlace Document Organizer, project teams can share information across different departments. The intranet serves as a convenient repository for historical project documents, including project schedules, technical diagrams, status reports, engineering documents, requirements, specifications, goals, milestones, deliverables, and open issues.

Human resources
Among the most prolific publishers in the enterprise, human resources groups can use InfoPlace Document Organizer to disseminate up-to-date policy and benefits information. With a single, easy-to-use information source, human resources eliminates out-of-date information, reduces staff requirements, and manages risk by making important policy information widely available.

Server Linux, Microsoft Windows, or any UNIX platform with web (HTTP) server software

To print a datasheet, download the following PDF document and view/print with Acrobat Reader:
PDF IconDatasheet for InfoPlace Document Organizer

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