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Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions
A detailed technical support Infobase will help answer most of your questions. Access to this FAQ Infobase is given to all registered users. You should have received this information when you purchased the full product or the upgrade.

If you are using the version of the product bundled with the Cobalt Qube, the NetWinder or the Gateway Microserver, you can get a user id and password when you register with InfoPlace Support, by filling out this registration form. This will also enable us to notify you about future upgrades and bug fixes.

These FAQs answer the most commonly asked pre-sales questions about InfoPlace Document Organizer including what is it, who it's for, what you need to run it, and other information about the product.

A patch is available to make older versions of the InfoPlace Document Organizer Y2K compliant. Use this form to request the patch.

Support Policy
InfoPlace normally provides product support via e-mail. Please use our problem report form or Phone support is available at extra cost.

Customization Services
Our products are designed to work out of the box and be maintained by end users. However, if you wish to customize or integrate InfoPlace Document Organizer further, an InfoPlace consultant may be contracted to work with your staff in developing the modifications. We work hand-in-hand with you through all phases of development and implementation to ensure your success. For more information about custom licensing and services,

Additional Support Contracts
For information about ongoing phone support, premium technical support, or product maintenance contracts,

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  The InfoPlace team is very helpful. Their support and responsiveness has been first rate.

Dan Koster,
Systems Administrator, Mediamatics

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