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Dan Koster, Systems Administrator, Mediamatics
InfoPlace Document Organizer: The Time Saver
The InfoPlace Document Organizer is a terrific time saving tool for my organization. As a Systems Administrator, I receive numerous daily support requests from people throughout the company for information that I have on hand. This might include things like how to install software or questions about whether our license agreements cover certain types of usage. InfoPlace gives me a simple, fast, way to put the information onto the Intranet and to update it as needed. It is easily accessible by anyone who needs it. I'm setting up an information base that initially includes software documentation, license agreements, network layouts, system policies, and FAQs.

Ease of Use Makes for a Useful Product
I am very impressed with the ease-of-use of the InfoPlace Document Organizer. Installation is smooth, fast, and easy. It is easy to set up and maintain a document collection using InfoPlace. The application is straightforward with a simple and familiar web-based interface that is easy to learn and use. This will be important moving forward as other non-technical departments adopt InfoPlace to facilitate their internal communication and document exchange. A couple of upcoming applications that I anticipate for the product include information bases for reporting software bugs and for sharing marketing materials. The ability of these departments to create and update their own document collections will give them greater control over timing and content, while reducing the burden on the Systems Administrator to provide maintenance.

Easy to Administer
I can designate certain documents for read-only viewing by all users on the network. Meanwhile, I still have the ability to require authorized log-in for access to certain files and to perform administrative duties such as adding or deleting documents.

Mediamatics is the world's leading supplier of software MPEG decoders for PCs and a wholly owned subsidiary of National Semiconductor Corporation. The products and technologies that Mediamatics provides serve as a key link in the home connectivity market. They decompress and process digital information from a variety of sources, such as DVD ROMs, satellite and cable networks into viewable images and sounds we can understand.

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