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Radiation Oncology Victoria

We have set up 3 Main Infobases to divide documents that are appropriate to the different areas of the practice - administration, physics and engineering. The Administration Infobase holds all the practice Policies and Procedures, things such as leave forms, incident notices, etc. A couple of "Administrators" load forms into appropriate categories. We are gradually converting a lot of Word documents to PDF with protection so that contents cannot be altered once downloaded. We are also looking into using the Document Organizer as the principal document source for an ISO 9000:2000 Quality System - allowing us to easily control the changes to Quality Manuals by simply changing one document on the server.

The engineering and physics Infobases store up-to-date copies of our QA forms and are a storage point of all other paperwork that is applicable to the two areas. For example, we have a copy of online documents for our treatment machines and it simply means that we don't have to repeatly download a document from the Internet, when we want to refer to it at a center at a different location.

Basically it is a very big "electronic" folder that is accesable at each of our 4 physical locations over our WAN.

I like the system because it is so easy to use - think of a category/heading, click, click, click and presto everything is recorded.

L. Tremethick, Senior Physicist, Radiation Oncology Victoria, Australia

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