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InfoPlace Resource Scheduler

Schedule meeting rooms and other shared resources with a simple Web-based interface. Throw away that diary outside the conference room!

InfoPlace Resource Scheduler provides workgroups with an intranet solution for scheduling of shared resources like meeting rooms and video conferencing equipment. It enables end users to view the current schedule, reserve available time slots and change existing reservations. The simple user interface eliminates the need for any training and provides for easy navigation.

Demo Try a full-featured, interactive, online Demo. We are looking for feedback to enhance the feature set for the next release. Please give us your feedback by filling out this form.


  • Helps eliminate resource conflicts
    As an organization grows, employees cannot rely on the random availability of meeting space, and conflicts are likely to occur unless a schedule is readily accessible to all parties.
  • Frees up administrative staff
    Small companies often rely on receptionists or other administrative staff to maintain meeting room scheduling. With Resource Scheduler, employees can monitor meeting space and schedule their own meetings, freeing up administrative workers to take on other tasks.
  • Easy-to-learn and use
    Resource Schedulerís simple user interface is easy to use without training or assistance.
  • Easy, quick navigation.
    Scheduling a resource should not take more than a few minutes. Resource Scheduler enables you to complete the task in 3 simple steps.
  • Provides resource configuration information
    Resource scheduler enables you to specify the configuration and location of resources, as well as other details like equipment, phone lines, etc. associated with a resource.
  • Affordable solution that works out-of-the-box

System Requirements
InfoPlace Resource Scheduler works with many servers and browsers. If you aren't sure about yours, contact us by filling out this form.

  • Server:Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000, or any UNIX platform with web (HTTP) server software
  • Client: FireFox, Microsoft IE or other compatible browsers

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